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How to make perfectwhipped shortbread!!This is my Grandma's shortbread recipe that we have been using for decades now and this is the only shortbread that we ever make at Christmas!It makes great gifts and is perfect for your holiday dessert table.

Whipped Shortbread
Whipped Shortbread


这些年来,我终于完善了我的生酥饼食谱,我再也不会胡乱摆弄了。通常当有人问起我珍贵的圣诞食谱时,it's all about my Grandma's圣诞布丁.虽然这是全家人最喜欢的,whipped shortbread has always and I do meanalways是我家人在圣诞节烤的东西。It seems to be something that a lot of Canadian Prairie folk make at Christmas as well.它从来不是别的速食面包。Ever.This is all that graces our dessert tables at Christmas for shortbread.

That might change with my perfecting my苏格兰牛油饼干但是食谱,as those are crispy,完美的黄油!Give those a try if you are looking for a harder shortbread.Whipped Shortbread

Whipped Shortbread Tips and Tricks

  • Whipped shortbread is notoriously fragile and while using cookie presses are so much fun,when I gifted the shortbread I wanted it to stay together a bit more.经过试验,I found that the best way to make it is using a cookie scoop.The rounded dome and thickness helps these airy bites of buttery delight stay together much better than being dropped by the teaspoonful or shapes from a cookie press.
  • Whipping it for at least 6 minutes is also mandatory;most people don't whip it long enough and then it's just not as airy as it should be.这些饼干真的应该在你嘴里融化。
  • 我们从来没有用过玉米淀粉,也永远不会用。我发现它给人一种我不喜欢的奇怪的感觉。
  • Baking it a low temperature is the way my family has always made it.我们把它擦干,like a meringue,and don't bake it so much.大多数菜谱vwin官网是350度,但我们总是在250度下烤。However over the years I have found that 275 works the best.这也有助于面包在口中融化,而不是烤得更硬一点,这就是在350度下烤它所要做的。
  • Also – and purists are going to argue with me- we have always used half margarine and half butter.总是。就像我的美容师一样,我们进行了味觉测试,并对其进行了取样和烘焙,而味觉测试的胜利者总是一半。我们不是纯粹主义者,我们是关于品味的。What's the use having all butter and it doesn't taste as good just to be a purist?Try it and see what you think,喝一杯美味的人造黄油,我打赌你一定会喜欢的。Let's face it,it's not like they are healthy for us anyway,饼干的味道也尽可能好!!
  • 如果你用硬的人造黄油,它有助于保持圆顶的形状。不要使用轻质人造黄油或生奶油或任何”tub"margarine.The water content will flatten these cookies!你需要一块块人造黄油。
  • 如果你喜欢的话,你可以用所有的黄油来调味,but the secret to the dome shape is the hard margarine used.All butter is absolutely amazing as well,所以你选择你喜欢的。I don't guarantee the dome shape with all butter though!!

Without further adieu,here is my whipped shortbread recipe!!






How to make perfect whipped shortbread!这是我奶奶的速食食谱,我们已经用了几十年了。小面包生的小面包圣诞蛋糕

from 二十六选票
How To Make Perfect Whipped Shortbread
Prep Time
Cook Time
三十五 明斯
Total Time
四十二 明斯
How to make perfect whipped shortbread!这是我奶奶的速食食谱,我们已经用了几十年了。
Course: 甜点
Cuisine: American
Keyword: 生酥饼
Servings: 24
Calories: 107 kcal
Author: Karlynn Johnston
  • 1/2 杯子 salted butter
  • 1/2 杯子 硬人造奶油
  • 1/2 杯子 糖霜
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  1. Whip the margarine,butter and icing sugar together well.You can use all butter for sure,那它就是清教徒的一个小面包。一旦它看起来像美味的奶油,resist from eating it by the spoonful,and get your flour ready.

  2. Start the mixer and slowly add in the flour,直到它全部被加入。Then you can proceed to let your mixer do all the work for you and whip it for 6 minutes.你想要比空气还轻的面包。

  3. Using a small cookie scoop,把面团铲到不抹油的烤盘上。

  4. Top with sprinkles or a piece of Christmas cherry.

  5. 在275度的烤箱中烘烤30-35分钟;你想把面包弄干,不烤,因此是低温。(如果你有一个温暖的厨房或住在温暖的气候中,cool the cookies in the fridge then bake.They won't flatten out).



You can top this whipped shortbread with whatever sprinkles or cherries you prefer!!

Nutrition Facts
How To Make Perfect Whipped Shortbread
Calories107 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Total Fat7g 11%
饱和脂肪3g 15%
Cholesterol10mg 3%
80mg 3%
10mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates8g 3%
Sugars 2g
维生素A 5.9%
熨斗 2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


嘿,伙计们,I'm Karlynn!Welcome to The vwin官网Kitchen Magpie,my website full of family friendly vwin官网recipes,vwin徳赢足球滚球cocktails & homesteading tales of chickens & cows from the family farm!一定要看看我最畅销的食谱,Flapper Pie & a Blue Prairie Sky,stay tuned for info on my second cookbook!!


  1. 真的,这些很好吃!!!My family loves them… even my husband who is stuck on Granny's shortbread!他说如果不是更好的话,这些也一样好。Once out of the oven I added 3 chocolate chips to the center for decoration since I didn't have cherry's or sprinkles and mmmmm…..yummy!Suggestion: my cookies tasted better when they were not covered or put in a container and even better the next day.谢谢你分享这个食谱。祝大家节日快乐。

  2. 我今晚刚做的,and while they taste divine,它们是粉末状的。But they do melt in your mouth and taste absolutely delicious.唯一不同的是,只是出于习惯,was I measured the flour (AP) and then sifted it.

  3. 杰曼杜布瓦 答复

    I've been making whipped shortbread for many years… cam across your your version so I opted to try it out this year… so far simple as my recipe but I have used cornstarch in mine – giving yours a chance..I love whipped shortbread along with the twenty plus family members that will be here Christmas Day… I will drop by after Christmas and let you know the out come….

  4. Terri Smith 答复

    Some of the best shortbread ive had!很多赞美,super yummy

  5. Do NOT whip this dough for 6 minutes as suggested.面团完全分离成黄油和污泥,我不得不扔掉一整批。4分钟就够了

    • 杰曼杜布瓦 答复

      Mine came out perfectly great and their baking right now will know in about 20 minutes..🥴

    • 奇怪的是,我按建议抽了6分钟,他们没有分开,烤得很好,我用的是手动搅拌器——也许你用的是更结实更好的?I hope they still turned out for you.

  6. 我今天刚做的,但它们都变成薄煎饼状的圆盘。我冷冻面团,就像你说的,but it didn't make a difference.What am I doing wrong??

      • I used all purpose flour.I think it is pre sifted.Should I add more flour then??

  7. 只有不含麸质的面粉和纯素黄油才能用同样的尺寸来做这些吗??

  8. Kristine Miles 答复


  9. 弗吉尼亚·彼得斯 答复

    我知道我见过用小巧克力片做的生酥饼,I'm just curious how toffee bits would work with these….what are your thoughts!!

  10. Best shortbread recipe I have tried.They turn out perfect every time.

  11. Michelle Martin 答复


  12. 我每年圣诞节都做这些,我已经把这个食谱传了好多次了!Sometimes I throw in a splash of clear vanilla or almond extract just for an extra little pop of flavor.WHIP the crap out of them and you won't be disappointed!Can I give a a 6 star rating??

  13. 嗨,我还没做这些,但我真的希望这些配料很重。不管怎样,我这周都要试一试。

  14. I love shortbread and I tried making it once with not mug success,但是我按照你的食谱,每个人都不能停止吃它们!Thank you for an awesome recipe!!!!

      • 浏览完网上的速食食谱后,vwin官网我最后选择了你的食谱试一试。They look pretty good coming out of the oven – perfectly white on top and a very light brown on the bottom.A little chocolate drizzled on the top to spice things up.They're a gift for a friend's birthday tomorrow.I like this girl.You're my wingwoman tomorrow – in cookie form.

  15. Debra Stromquist 答复

    Love this recipe,best shortbread I've ever made!!!

  16. The whipped shortbread cookie I've been looking for.绝对是最好的。

  17. 丽莎穆林斯 答复

    做了这个食谱,following the directions.so dry I could not form balls to bake.这个食谱真是大名鼎鼎……

    • 丽莎,the recipe calls for using a small scoop,but I'm thinking you tried to"表单球with your hands.In that case,你可能已经遵循了配料表,but you did not follow all the directions.I suggest you try this again,全力以赴,so you can give this a thumbs up rating this time.These are melt-in-your-mouth delish!Merry Christmas 🙂

  18. 德拉费雷蒂 答复

    德里希!Just whipped some up tonight 🙂 thank you for this recipe

  19. 贝弗利·高特利特 答复

    Thank you for sharing the secret of shortbread.Whipping.I love my Kitchen Aid.👍My grandchildren and I made these as part of our Christmas baking.They melt in your mouth 🤗❤

  20. 克劳蒂亚斯特拉卡 答复

    我今晚刚做了这些,而不是我通常做的生面包。我丈夫的判决:These are amazing!“我必须同意。

    • 厨房喜鹊vwin官网 答复

      Awesome!是的,大多数都有我不太喜欢的玉米淀粉。This is my fave!!

  21. Jerri Merle 答复

    Made those few days ago,超级容易和美味…现在做杏仁饼,your recipe,but they seem kinda soft after baking … Should they be sticky and soft??

  22. Ida Pence Waterous 答复

    I made these today oh my stars!太好了,I have to go out and get more butter.

    • 厨房喜鹊vwin官网 答复

      太棒了,艾达!!So glad that you liked them!!

  23. Annabeth Boyle 答复

    I have been making shortbreads for almost 40 yrs.These are the easiest and the best.My new go to!!!

  24. 凯伦温哥华岛 答复

    早上好……温哥华岛上下雪的一天,所以决定做一双你的小面包……厨房的味道好极了!!!I did it three different ways…as well as the traditional cherry on top I also made 18 thumbprint cookies (rolled cookies in ground walnuts and made indent in centre of cookie and filled with seedless raspberry jam…the remaining dough I rolled in log refrigerated for 10 mins and cut into 1/4"rounds which I drizzled a lemon glacé on as lemon is one of grandkids favourite flavours.So I got 18 good size each of the cherry and thumbprint and my log made 22 cookies…others may get more but no use making"精致的给我的队员们的饼干!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Season

    Karen from BC

    • thekitchenmagpie 答复

      凯伦温哥华岛你也是!I hope you had a lovely holiday!!

  25. 温迪柯林斯 答复

    Melt in your mouth goodness!Made them today & loved them.This will be my go to Christmas shortbread cookie recipe from now on.Thanks Karlynn 🙂

  26. 我每年圣诞节都会收到这些,我妻子做了一个很棒的生面包,one year,我想过分享,这种想法只持续了几秒钟,然后就消失了。\U0001f60e

    • 厨房喜鹊vwin官网 答复

      呸,that was a close call.Don't do that again!U000 01F602

  27. 克里斯蒂娜克雷格 答复


  28. 这些冷冻效果如何?I'm trying to decide if I should be making these ahead or waiting a couple weeks!!

    • thekitchenmagpie 答复

      LeslieMaeThey are AMAZING from frozen!他们在冷冻的时候吃的太棒了!Make them ahead now!!

  29. Cheryl Dee Digulla 答复


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